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Wed, Apr 16th, 2008 10:36:48 AM
Topic: 5K$ Can't Refuse Offer from RK(revised)

Besides the fact dodds knows little about historic rugs, RK knows he likes money so we have decided to pay dennis dodds FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS to get up on a mutually acceptable stage with us to debate his bogus "bellini" rug, the written "expertise" he submitted to LACMA and the circumstances surrounding LACMA's purchase of the rug.

So here it is, dodds, we will legally escrow with a major US bank the five grand and after our "debate", no matter what happens, the money will be yours providing you complete the 90 minute debate on stage. If you fail to show, walk off or leave the stage for any reason then, of course, you will not get paid.

RK is willing to pay for the privilege of demonstrating in public what a piece of crap your ex-bogus "bellini" rug is compared to real ones.

We will also enjoy destroying your stupid ideas concerning the rug, particularly the notion it is an "example of central Anatolian Turkmen weaving".

So get off your butt now dodds; you're being offered 5G's to debate not only a rug but your reputation as an oriental rug "expert".

Regardless of the fact we are willing to legally escrow the 5K$, and dodds will get it at the end of the 90 minutes, RK knows a chicken-shit poseur like him will never accept, as his ilk cannot operate their thieving in the light of truth and honesty.

By the way, in case dodds is a bit en retard in reading RugKazbah.com, we've taken the liberty of emailing the above to him at:

[email protected]

We include dodds email address, which is public, for any readers who might want to urge him to take up our offer. You can even help him, if you are foolish enough.

So if dodds fails to accept our offer to debate now, even when we are willing to pay him for appearing, it should be clear to all why he hasn't accepted any of our other past offers -- he's afraid.

He is afraid of the truth.

Author: jc
Wed, Apr 16th, 2008 10:36:48 AM

As expected dodds, a rug crook if there ever was one, has allowed our deadline to pass.

Too bad for him because we are sure he could use the 5K$ as part of a down payment to LACMA when they return the bogus "bellini" to him sooner or later.

We are still interested in meeting dodds on any stage, any where, any time -virtual or not -, to debate his fraudulent salesmanship, his piss-poor knowledge of the bogus "bellini" and early Turkish Village Rugs in general.

But as long as RugDumb remains silent we are sure dodds will remain hidden behind that silence.

RK knows many of our readers, and even those who we refer Rugdumb in general, know dodds is a thief, a liar and a crook.

As soon as y'all make your thoughts public, and express them when the opportunity arises, dodds will have to face the music and trust us on this one we will have him dancing like a cattle-rustler to the tune of Marshall Dillon's twin 6 guns when that time comes.

Author: jc
Fri, Apr 11th, 2008 01:10:52 PM

After posting our offer and waiting almost two months for a reply we have decided that unless we hear from dodds by Tuesday April 16, 2008 we will withdraw it.

We would probably have withdrawn it by Monday the 15th, but we are kind enough to let dodds rest up from his "important" duties at the hajji gala.

Duties which undoubtedly include lifting plactic glasses of cheap wine to his lips, glad-handing a bunch of dumbass hajji notables and, of course, flapping his jaws talking worthless rug nonsense.

Naturally, we will still meet dodds to publicly discuss the bogus "bellini", and his lying and cheating salesmanship, anywhere, anytime, and any place in the continental USA he likes but we will not pay him the 5K$ unless he agrees to it, and a mutually acceptable location, before Tuesday's deadline.

Note: RK knows a duplicitous carpet-bagging cheat and thief like dodds will never agree to discuss in public his bunko "bellini" BS with anyone, particularly someone like RK, who can make mince-meat of his specious arguments and demolish any belief dodds is a rug expert.

Author: jc
Wed, Apr 2nd, 2008 07:09:22 PM

Nobody likes to make a generous offer and then be rejected.

So unless dennis, the cheat, liar and rug-know-little, dodds accepts the offer, we are going to withdraw it.

But, of course, he won't be pushed to accept and besides RK knows dodds is almost too afraid to even go to the hajji gala where someone might spill the beans and call him out.

However, get on a stage with us? Forgetaboutit; dodds, the weasel, would never agree to that, even for the 5K$ payday we are offering.

So that's why we are making this clear -- pretty soon our offer will be withdrawn.

Author: jc
Sat, Mar 29th, 2008 12:36:14 PM

RK has received several emails from readers who agree with us that dodds is a liar and a cheat.

They also agree he is a weasel for refusing to meet us on a stage to discuss his specious beliefs about the bogus "bellini", as well as the lies and deception he used to sell it to LACMA.

We all know time is running out for dodds, this is sure, and we are positive he will eventually have to face the music for his lies, deception and devious sales practices.

However, RK still has hope he will agree to publicly meet us and when he does, rest assured, RK will demolish his ludicrous and fallacious positions vis-a-vis the "bellini", not to mention the lies and deceit he used to pawn it off on LACMA's naive ex-curator, dale gluckman, and the museum's Collector's Circle of donors.

Author: jc
Sat, Mar 22nd, 2008 03:16:06 PM

As each day passes and dodds refuses to face the reality he cheated LACMA by selling them a late genre period reproduction "bellini" instead of a real one, RK knows more and more ruggies learn of his caper.

In fact, we'd be surprised if there is anyone, even the most ardent dodds supporter, who doesn't know about this fiasco and what a cheat and thief dodds is.

Many at LACMA know it too and hopefully soon RK will be able to say LACMA is not going to just accept their being cheated by dodds, keep quiet and remain in the cover-up mode they have so far chosen to adopt.

No, tables are turning and soon dodds will have to at least face the long overdue public rebuke he deserves for cheating LACMA.

But there is also the chance, and the possibility it will happen is growing, he will have to take his bogus "bellini" back to his basement gallery in Chestnut Hill Pa. where a mediocre copy of a "bellini" like that belongs -- surely it does not belong in a museum, especially one of LACMA stature.

Author: jc
Tue, Mar 18th, 2008 05:58:59 PM

Some say: Silence is Golden and we can sometimes agree.

However, dennis the cheat and liar dodds failure to defend himself, even when being offered 5 thousand dollars to do it, is damning.

RK will meet dodds anywhere, anytime and anyhow he likes to discuss the bogus "bellini", his tricky-dick salesmanship and his dumbass opinions about it.

RK believes it is time for someone to walk up to dodds, like at the hajji 75th "gala", and take him to task for his thievery, stupidity and greed.

And while they're at it, how about putting some pointed questions to dr. jon aka johnny-boy thompson; Lord knows he has some answering to do...

Author: jc
Wed, Mar 12th, 2008 01:42:35 PM

Some time ago, round about the time RK learned dodds had unloaded the bogus "bellini" on LACMA, we heard he was "thinking about retiring" from someone close to him.

Over the ensuing 3 plus years this "rumor" has surfaced again and again, recently though it seems dodds is getting closer to making that decision.

Should he retire believing it will enable him to avoid taking responsibility for his thievery, let us unequivocally state it won't. For until dodds agrees to take the rug back and refund LACMA the 250 grand, RK will continue to make sure this issue remains in view and in the publics consciousness.

Every day more and more people learn about doddss cheating and thieving as well as the cover-up of the fraud LACMA, with hali's assistance, continues to try and float.

LACMA should be embarrassed, as cover-ups are never honorable and rarely, as this instance proves, are they effective.

However, LACMAs shame is nothing compared with what dodds should be feeling, regardless of the "excuses" "rationalizations" and further lies he tells others, and himself.

Frankly, it's impossible for us to believe even a carpet-bagging cheat like dennis dodds can avoid looking in the mirror and not seeing his dishonesty, greed and stupidity.

Author: jc
Sun, Mar 9th, 2008 03:03:52 PM

The reality dodds will not respond proves what a weasel, cheat, liar and thief he is, and knows he is.

Why else would he not agree to defend himself and the bogus "bellini" he pawned off on LACMA?

Why else would he remain silent?

Obvious answer: He is guilty.

Author: RK
Fri, Mar 7th, 2008 11:00:24 AM

Here is an email RK just sent dodds:

"dodds, you thief:

every day you ignore our offer you look more and more culpable -- even to those who might be prone, through their ignorance, to believe your lies

however, by now mostly everyone in the know in rugdom has learned of, or read, our challenge and your refusal to accept it

they also know how you DEFRAUDED LACMA

they also know you to be a chicken-shit weasel for doing so

soon your chickens will come home to roost

'bout time is all RK can say, you carpet-bagging rug-know-nothing, liar and thief"

Author: jc
Sun, Mar 2nd, 2008 08:32:03 AM

It is now a week or so since we offered dodds $5,000.oo to get up on a stage with RK to debate the bogus "bellini's" merits or lack of them as we have claimed.

We have twice emailed dodds our offer, and we know for a fact two readers have also emailed him concerning his refusal to publicly stand and support his positions vis--vis the rip-off, fraud and theft he perpetrated in convincing a naive a gullible LACMA curator the bogus "bellini" was circa 1550, museum-worthy and a masterpiece of its type.

The rug is none of the above and dodds patent refusal to comment proves this beyond any doubt.

As RK has heard it, thanks to dodds's thievery, that naive, gullible curator lost her job and was fired from her position at The Los Angeles County Museum of Art(LACMA).

For this and other capers, rugdom must hold dodds responsible.

Until this issue, and other that are equally as egregious concerning dennis dodds, become public debate and concern RK will refrain from posting anything here that is not directly related to these issues.

The fact dodds cheated a major American museum(LACMA) and has also used his position to mount "rug shows" in other museums, like the Philadelphia exhibits he has organized, which were primarily nothing more than selling opportunities for him, demands scrutiny and investigation.

RK knows any such efforts will not only prove our other contentions about him but show dodds to be the liar, cheat, over-dater and over-charger we have publicly accused him of being.

By the way, there are many others who know what we claim about dodds is true and they, too, have expressed their disgust and dismay. However, until now this has only occurred in private.

Time is now for all of you to come forward and express your feeling and knowledge in public.

Your failure to come forward and act is destroying what little semblance of truth and honesty exists in rugdom.

Author: jc
Wed, Feb 27th, 2008 12:54:30 PM

Here is an email we sent dodds today.

Since he has not replied to our challenge and offer of 5,000$ to meet us on a stage to debate the bogus "bellini" we thought he might need a little bit of prodding:

"dodds, you liar and cheat

what's holding you back? waiting for RK to offer you more than 5-thou?

think again, midget-brain, you will not get another offer, better or worse, from RK

and the longer our offer stands, and more and more ruggies learn about it, the more stupid and culpable you will appear

We have proven you to be a liar and a cheat.

Why don't you defend yourself?

If you don't your silence will further convince everyone you are guilty -- not that anyone with even 1/2 a brain could doubt that....

plus we have accused you of being a chicken-shit poseur, and your refusal to meet us proves that also

don't forget, dodds, should you agree we will look forward to making everyone aware of the sleazy rug clown you are

time is ticking away, dodds, but dont fear our offer will stand forever

and, of course, you will not accept it because you know we will make mince-meat of your specious and ridiculous opinions about the bogus "bellini", you thieving sales pitch and all the rest

so enjoy yourself but eventually you WILL have to face the music, so better bone up on those Arthur Murray lessons, you jerk

Author: jc
Mon, Feb 25th, 2008 11:00:41 AM

Here is the email we just sent dodds:

"OK dodds, you rug poseur, thief and cheat

RK has heard from several people who say they have emailed you and urged you to accept our challenge

so what's keeping you from accepting?

Oh, that's right, we almost forget, you realize nothing you could say would prevent us from making you look the fool and conman rug thief you are...how silly of us

but, you know, dodds, you have been tricking rugdom and your gullible, naive, customers for years, maybe you can get away with it again, huh, and pocket the 5K$??

so we are waiting, dodds, and can hardly contain our enthusiasm for the public trashing we will give you, your piece of crapola bogus late genre period reproduction "bellini" and your dumbass opinions and falsifications about it

but most of all we will enjoy destroying what little is left of your alleged, and highly refutable, supposed reputation as a rug expurt

you're not even close to one, dodds, and that's why you hide yourself away and hope RK will just keep quiet or go away and forget about your thieving ways

sorry, charlie, but that aint gonna happen and we will continue to make sure everyone knows the truth about you and what you have done

it's time to put up dodds and your continued hiding will only further convince everyone you are the crook and rug dummy we have characterized you as....

enjoy your time,,,it's running out though...running out like water down a hole, you creep"

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