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Sun, Jan 20th, 2008 07:32:19 PM
Topic: Unknown Group? Phuleeze

Recently a so-called, and acknowledged by some, Turkmen rug expert offered the following torba for sale online:

The seller called it early 19th century from an unknown Turkmen group.

While that group might be unknown to someone of his limited knowledge and experience, it is well known to others.

Problem with rugdom, well one of the problems with rugdom is the "trust" most collectors put in someone they know about as much about as their mailman.

Plus there is the necessity for a magazine like hali to write only flattering and sometimes complete BS about their advertisers. More often than not, hali avoids writing about someone, like dodds, that should be written about instead of telling the truth.

But back to experts that are supported by a reputation that is about as valid as a jurg rageth c14 date.

By the way, we took a look through the sellers website and he describes himself as a "expert in Balouch and Turkoman rugs".

First, the people call themselves Turkman, not Turkoman. So their weavings are therefore Turkmen rugs, not Turkomen rugs.

Second, and even if you don't know a Karadashli from a Karagashli, the structure and color palette are not all that rare and surely not unknown but rather belong to a distinct group and, no matter what one calls that group, the fact it belongs to one is fact.

No, rugfans, anyone who wants to be an rug-expert, and can talk some talk, is free to get away with it. But few of these so-called experts, like the seller here, really understand what went on, and is going on, with these mysterious artefacts -- worse is the fact none of them have anything original and worthwhile to say.

Oh, 'suze us, if we did not make this clear enough: The torba is Karadashli, mid 19th century (1845-1875)

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