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Sun, Jan 20th, 2008 10:28:54 AM
Topic: Old Fool Pimps Crook

Not content with being characterized as a rug-nincompoop and moron for posting his written dribble on Virginia Commonwealth University professor steven, aka rug-clown, prices website, j.r. howe has started his own:


Why howe, a proven rug-know-little(or is it know-nothing), would want to throw his old hat of a persona into the online ring of the rug world is curious.

Does howe possibly believe his inability to differentiate between airport-art rugs and important ones will not color whatever he tries to do and continue to make him a laughingstock?

Does howe believe his cut and paste wordage could be of interest to anyone even the most uninitiated ruggie?

Surely someone should inform mr howe of these, and other equally as substantial, limitations he faces in trying to put together anything that will be even worth the time he spends online to do it?

But regardless of howes unsuitability as a rug-commentator would be considerations of any suitability his website might portend.

And added to that would be howes always politically correct support of rugdoms status quo.

Theres a lot wrong with rugdom, anyone with a brain larger than howes should perceive this. But reading what rug-clowns and ignorants, like he and price, disseminate almost guarantees no-one outside the loop would ever guess how bad things are.

RK just found about about howes site and today we looked through most of it.

Guess what we found?

Lo and behold, front and center, a paean to dennis dodds, someone who should be run out of rugdom on a rail, not lauded or hyped as he was by howe.

Here is howes outrageous introduction of dodds, a rug-dealer who is a proven rug-cheat and thief.

Dennis Dodds, the Philadelphia, collector, and student of textiles who is the current president of The International Conference on Oriental Carpet.

Not mentioning the fact dodds is a dealer, and has been one since RK first met him in 1973/4, is shameful display of duplicity by howe.

Why the textile museum would even let a thief like dodds in the front door is also beyond comprehension.

Why they would allow him access to their membership, to both hype his rugs and offer them for sale inside the museum, is equally as questionable and regrettable.

an idealized pic: dennis dodds addressing the textile museum audience in Jan 2008 answering the only question he should be asked, but so far hasnt

RugKazbah.com has proven beyond any shadow of a doubt dodds is a serial over-dater and over-charger of his merchandise.

RK has also proven how dodds uses museum shows and private galleries to publicly promote himself as a dealer and of course his merchandise as well.

The idea dodds can then prey on an unsuspecting visitor, who might fall for the claptrap he is an expert, an honorable businessman and a collector, is not a very difficult equation to extrapolate.

In reality, the only thing dodds collects is nave, gullible customers, no doubt including ones he has poached from the museums and rug societies he addresses as a supposed rug-expurt and curator.

He is neither, and sad it is that rugdom has him as a high-profile spokesman.

Fact is the majority, if not all, of the rugs in his collection are nothing more than those he CANT SELL.

RK is busy and we have little time or desire to continue to inform everyone what a shyster, crook and thief dennis dodds is.

But when someone in rugdom, even a pip-squeak like j.r. howe, sings such unwarranted and bogus praise to dodds, RK will not stand by and allow those words to go uncontested.

Instead of howe pimping and pumping a CROOK like dodds, he and everyone else should be accusing dodds of defrauding the Los Angeles County Museum of Art(LACMA) of lying and cheating his way into selling a benefactor group of the museum that now famous, thanks to RugKazbah.com, bogus bellini rug.

Fact is LACMA paid 250,000 dollars for this late genre period reproduction of a genuine Bellini. A rug dodds had been unsuccessfully trying to sell for almost 20 years and, if that is not bad enough, at prices that were considerably lower than what he extracted from LACMA benefactors.

But what is worse is the fact no-one in rugdom has stood up and publicly condemned dodds for selling the bogus "bellini", and the even more so for the as fallacious expertise he used to deceive LACMAs curator and benefactors.

This is heinous, as the lack of condemnation has not only emboldened dodds to continue his transgressions but has made mockery of rug-studies and the idea those who are concerned with historic oriental rugs are anything but greedy, stupid, self-concerned pigs like dennis dodds.

In closing, lets all remember dodds is, and has been for years, the head of rugdoms most important organization - the international conference on oriental rugs.

If the titular head of rugdom is allowed to cheat and thieve, especially when dealing with a public institution or dealing his inventory from one, what hope is there for recognition for this art area?

As long as dodds continues to skirt wide-spread public exposure, accusation and damnation for his misdeeds, everyone in rugdom who does not speak out will have to bear the consequences for their actions.

While, at the same time, dodds continues to bask in the unfathomable glow of rug-morons like howe and the rest of you all who refuse to make dodds accountable for his actions.

Shame, shame is all RK can say.

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