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Thu, Jan 24th, 2008 08:54:24 AM
Topic: Tekke Mains Maimed

When first seeing the online posting about Tekke main carpets jimbo allen initiated over on Virginia Commonwealth University professor steven price's website, as stupid as it was, we had no trouble deciding comment was unnecessary.

But on it went and jimbo is now involved in "serious" online palaver with someone who professes, and consistently proves, she knows nothing about oriental rugs, particularly old ones.

Reading what these two and others contributors are coughing up would be better set in a private rather than a public forum.

For what comes out of them is mostly, like junior practising his tuba, not worth a moment's notice.

Sure these magpies post pictures but most, if not almost all, of what they say is worthless and, just like the pictures of rugs, copied - cut and pasted from other more knowledgeable authors.

Though we can't say jimbo ain't original -- it's too bad 90% of what he says is complete nonsense, original or not, and the remaining 10%, bluster.

Go read what's there and you will agree.

Author: jc
Thu, Jan 24th, 2008 08:54:24 AM

It's difficult to imagine anyone, even windbag jimbo, could manage to create even more ridiculous scenarios concerning the history of Tekke main carpets than he has already done.

Called "The Tekke Experience", what allen writes is about as factual as a comic book.

Complete claptrap that could only emanate from an inebriated weak mind propelled by an even larger and more disturbed ego.

There is little doubt windbag jimbo is full of crapola -- his "theories" about the Turkmen are as bogus as most of the reproduction rugs this crook has sold and RK believes it is about time for rugdom to clean out its closet of carpet bagging shysters like allen, dodds, and a few others we could mention.

Needless to say, getting rid of Virginia Commonwealth University professor steven, the rug-moron, price's website, which provides a forum for midget-brained rug-masturbators like allen or rah-rah praises for an over-dating, over-charging crooks like dodds and allen to ply their wares and BS ideas to the gullible and uninitiated, would be a giant step in the right direction.

Go read allen's Jules Verne visions of how the Tekke lived, and after you get done laughing, realize how others, who know far less than RK's readership, could be easily fooled into thinking this anything but warm bull turds because price and his crew of "moderators" are too rug challenged to know better themselves.

Lastly, we add this "comment" by price, the website's chief know-nothing moderator:

"Jim Allen added a post to this thread with some interesting thoughts on cultural influences on Tekke weavings."

Calling jimbo's ideas "thoughts" is stretching the word pretty thin, however, calling them "interesting" is even more stupid.

There is no doubt by doing so professor price=clown has, as always, demonstrated himself to be a rug moron and poseur, whose ideas about rugs or their "cultural influences" are as meaningless as a dope like allen's.

Author: jc
Mon, Jan 21st, 2008 10:17:12 AM

The "discussion" of Tekke main carpets windbag jimbo allen started over at Virginia Commonwealth University professor steven, the rug challenged moderator, price's website has taken some amazingly inane twists and turns.

Considering the participants, almost all of them complete Turkmen rug know-nothings, what else could happen?

The tenor of responses and ideas offered by these rug-clowns is ludicrous and eminently laughable.

Why these magpies parade their ignorance and stupidity in public is unthinkable, especially since anything written on the internet cannot be removed because it will remain stored on servers far and wide making it virtually impossible to delete.

Chances are most of the rug-challenged professor's posters will never live to regret how foolish they make themselves appear, as hoping for their enlightenment is hopeless. But it is too bad, as that thought might just prevent some of them from showing their rug ignorance and deficiencies in public with such gusto.

After all and in the future, who would want to be known as having contributed to the garbage and drivel that appears daily on price's webslight -- one of our favorite web-isms describing a worthless, fodder-ridden collection of megabytes like price and company have, and are still producing.

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