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Mon, Jan 14th, 2008 09:37:40 AM
Topic: "Complete" but "missing"? More BS from dodds

RugKazbah.com has made it abundantly clear dennis dodds is both a rug ignorant, a cheat and a fraud.

All one would have to do to substantiate our claims is to carefully study the facts surrounding doddss 2004 sale of that bogus bellini rug to LACMA( The Los Angeles County Museum of Art).

There is little doubt the nave and trusting former curator from LACMAs Textile Department was bamboozled, cheated and lied to by dodds, who clearly believes lies and fraud are permissible actions when used to make a sale.

This is complete rubbish, and the fraudulent claims and assertions dodds made, and continues to make about the rug should be addressed -- both by the Museum; their Collectors Group, who put up the 250,000$ to buy that overpriced, over-dated, late genre copy of a real Bellini rug; and by rugdom in general.

RK is not happy no one but us is talking about this issue, or even thinking about it, let alone trying to rectify it.

Time is wasting to change this indifference and to hold dodds accountable for his selfish and fraudulent actions.

By the way, RK would now like to mention the nave and trusting former LACMA curator of the Textile Department, dale gluckman who championed the purchase of doddss bogus bellini, lost her job and was fired because she trusted dodds's sale's pitch was honest, true and honorable and because of the lack of genuine due diligence and investigation she did prior to the rugs purchase. Had she not believed dodds's lies, and done proper investigation before the sale she would have learned the truth and never finalized the purchase. But she didn't and instead swallowed dodds's fraudulent claims like they were a free three star Michelin meal.

So she got fired for her part in the rug purchase; LACMA got stuck with a late genre copy, and not a real Bellini rug; and the Collectors Circle, who paid for the rug got 100% cheated.

Everyone who had anything to do with this fiasco has paid a price, and a heavy one at that.

Everyone except dodds, and if there is anyone who is guilty here, it is him.

RK is sure eventually he will have to face the music for his actions, and in the meantime let us add one more piece of evidence to further prove doddss rug ignorance, his tendency to over-estimate the importance and value of his merchandise and lastly his penchant for creating specious, false and fraudulent ideas about the items he tries to sell.

Case in point is this recent internet posting of a late, and rather mediocre in our opinion, Belouch Bird khorjin:

If trying to pass this Belouch bag off as anything but a late and not great copy of one wasnt bad enough, doddss BS description of it really takes the cake:

Dennis Dodds/MAQAM
_Baluch group complete "Bird" double khorjin, missing back.
Great wool and dyes, including rich forest green. Note other critters among the birds. _
Posted on 2008-01-05; 17:40:03

Since when does the description complete encompass the fact something important to that completeness is missing?

What a joke, too bad no one but dodds is laughing because some moke, obviously another gullible gluckman-type, fell for it and bought it.

Frankly, we could only explain this by believing dodds is so full of himself and his crapola that he expects everyone to bow down, and believe his BS.

Well, that aint the way it really is, and wed like to, once again, take the opportunity to appraise mr dodds of the fact RK is not the only person to realize what a carpet-bagging rug-ignorant, cheat and fraud he truly is. We are just the only one with enough confidence and courage to publicly state it.

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