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Mon, Mar 31st, 2008 08:17:16 PM
Topic: More-on moorehouse's hali Letter

MORE-ON moorehouse:

RK finally got the opportunity to speak to moorehouse about his "letter".

We were, quite naturally, curious as to why he:

1. wrote it

2. did not mention any "opinion" as to the merits or deficiencies of the "bellini"

3. denigrated LACMA's Islamic departments purchase of the ok bash

4. continued the obviously flawed cheerleading rah-rah about the "scientific" testing and its dubious support of a 1450-1650 date for the "bellini"

5. praised LACMA for allegedly presenting this "controversy" in an open forum and manner

6. and finally why he characterized RugKazbah.com's objections about the "bellini" purchase and crusade to convince LACMA they had been defrauded by dodds as "hoopla" and "controversy".

From the get-go it appeared to us moorehouse was on the defensive, as he knew our positions vis--vis the issues enumerated above were far more realistic and true than the charade he presented in his letter.

From his "I didn't put the 19th/20th century date on the ok bash" to his "Of course I know the "bellini" is not what dodds claimed", moorehouse's premises evaporated like drops of water on a hot skillet.

About half way through the 45 minutes or so we spoke RK felt moorehouse, like everyone else in rugdom, honestly knew the "bellini" purchase was an error but was too chicken-shit to admit it, and in doing so go contra to the keep quiet attitude the icoc/acor hierarchy that "rules" rugdom has taken. Not to mention the indifference rugdom in general has expressed.

Basically, we got the impression moorehouse was pegging himself as a "team player" by expressing the old, and in our viewpoint crapola, idea he would be more effective working inside this issue(ie not angering LACMA by telling the truth about the "bellini")than expressing the truth that they made a terrible error, and were defrauded by dodds, in purchasing it.

This is nonsensical, as appeasement of heinous action, and trust RKs position dodds's fraud is heinous, is never viable, nor has it ever proved to be a solution.

By the end of our talk, we cornered moorehouse in a lasso of his delusive rational and when we asked him if he had read this thread on RugKazbah.com, and he answered No, we then told him we had referred to him as a revisionist and moron.

At that point moorehouse exploded, accusing RK, just like he had during the phone call we placed to him several months ago when we heard he was intending to write this letter to hali, of trying to stick something up his ass.

Those were his exact words, and as RK does not use quotations erroneously all we can say is perhaps moorehouse would have been better put in saying he was sorry for pulling his letter and its position out of that dark place rather than accusing us of putting anything up there.

By the way, that was the end of our talk, as moorehouse then summarily put he phone down and hung up.

There is little doubt moorehouse deserves to be characterized as a moron for penning his sleepwalking denial of the facts approach to this situation.

But, perhaps, even worse was the underlying and visibly transparent idea it was he who should have been hired by LACMA to vet the bellini and the ok bash purchases.

This, as far as we are concerned, is what prodded moorehouse to write his letter in the first place and, after discussing this with a number of rug-people, we heard we are not the only one to get this impression.

On another but related front, its sure some of the prose used on RugKazbah.com is theatrical and incendiary (like calling moorehouse a moron). However we have never accused anyone who is blameless; nor have we criticized, roasted or raked over hot coals anyone that did not deserve to be so treated.

If hali, LACMA, or anyone else in rugdom feels moorehouse was unduly criticized, we welcome and implore them to write in here and express their views.

However, and unfortunately, we know this will never happen.

Firstly because morehouses positions are untenable and without merit and, secondly, because rugdom and apparently everyone within that universe, save RK, is terrified of expressing opinions opposed to those written in hali and implied and condoned by the icoc/acor hierarchy.

But, as important as it is for rugdom to address the LACMA bellini scandal, this pales in comparison to the larger and far more significant indifference rugdom seems to always express to important, but politically incorrect, issues like this one.

Its time for rugdom to pull itself up by its bootstraps, and once and for all seriously address the lack of self-governance the icoc/acor self-appointed big shots have so far avoided instituting.

There is little doubt dodds is one of them and thats why he has remained above suspicion and censure.

This, dear readers, is even more a crime than the one dodds perpetrated by lying and defrauding LACMA into purchasing the bogus bellini.

Author: jc
Mon, Mar 31st, 2008 08:17:16 PM

To add some more on moorehouse and his two-penny rug act:

RK has heard moorhouse is going around saying he has written a letter to hali asking for a correction to his article's assertion theOkBash in question is late 19th/early 20th century.

This should, if true, prove interesting for hali will have to say moorehouse is lying and that's what he wrote when he submitted the letter to them, or they will have to admit hali did it in"editing".

Needless to say no one would want to be quoted saying that, not even Turkmen know-littles like moorehouse and team hali.

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