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Wed, Oct 3rd, 2007 06:29:58 PM
Topic: Small Gol Turkmen Chuval

Beyond all the palaver, bluster and BS the occurance of a very limited number of pre-tourist period small gol chuval is an interesting topic.

They can be quite easily divided into types, the one we illustrate below being from the east and is one of the least seen:

What makes one of these "better" than another?

For us there is one one criteria - archetypal drawing.

Now we know a statement like this opens a can of worms but we can demonstrate by direct comparison, for almost any group or type of weaving(especially if we have handled enough of them), what archetypal drawing is all about.

We have already demonstrated this; it's there for all to see.

For example, it is clear the design and articulation of the dodds/LAMCA rug is far from archetypal and every other one we have illustrated proves how far that distance is.

Getting back to chuval with small gol formats we will sometime in the not too distant future illustrate some other examples and comments.

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