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Mon, May 14th, 2007 10:54:20 AM
Topic: Belouch Khorjin circa 1800? Nonsense says RK

The list of dealers who seriously over-date their wares is not limited to icoc/acor poohbahs like little lord franses or dennis dodds.

Many other lesser known carpet sellers are equally as guilty, though granted, their transgressions are not exactly as noticeable or as prominently discussed.

One recent example is this, in our opinion, rather unsightly and surely unexceptional Belouch khorjin that recently was advertised for sale online:

Here is the dealers rather absurd age claim, etc:

The oldest known Baluch pile khorjin (fragment), 58 / 89 cm, ca. 1800 (?), Chorasan, fantastic natural colour palette reminding of good Central Anatolian kilims, mounted on linen; this famous piece is published: Diehr, Treasured Baluch Pieces, p. 55!Price.Very special offer: $ 1250.-.

Any of you out there [email protected]$1250??

You can bet your bottom dollar RK surely isnt. However, its not the price, as we would not reach for our wallet even @$250!

Any claim this bagface is circa 1800 should be considered as foolish as doddss assertion the late genre Bellini copy he sold LACMA is mid-16th century.

Hogwash to both of them, and others unnamed who are equally guilty overdaters, says RK

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