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Sun, Apr 8th, 2007 11:51:48 AM
Topic: Synagogue Rug and the Engsi: Part IV

Perhaps the most ubiquitous design in the Turkmen vocabulary is what an old friend of ours, who is by the way not a rug collector, used to call the dancing girl design.

Found on almost every Tekke engsi, frequently in the main border as it is here, and on many Yomud group and other tribal groups engsi as well this designs derivation, like that of the engsi, is unknown and frankly quite mysterious.

Surely they are not dancing girls as my rug nave friend called them but neither are they flowers as they are most likely to be known to most rug cognoscenti.

Nor for the matter are they any more likely to be or to have been sourced from any of the other ideas so far proposed.

Basically, after some long inspection and investigation, RK would like to add this iconic design as another cog on the wheel we are building concerning the relationship between the Synagogue rug and the Turkmen engsi format.

Here is a detail of the Synagogue rug and when it is compared to the dancing girl icon we feel it goes some distance to explain this important Turkmen designs source and also to further support our contention of this relationship.

Thats about all the time we have tonight but we will continue to present additional information to further explain our thoughts the Synagogue rug and the Turkmen engsi format are related.

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