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Mon, Mar 19th, 2007 12:57:34 PM
Topic: Another Historic Tekke Engsi Elem

Here is a pic of another type, albiet very rarely seen, of Tekke engsi elem iconography.

This design is much more complex than the spinning flower amulet and, because of this complexity and the strong resemblance it bears to the typical "tree" amulet found on many engsi made by other Turkmen groups, RK believes it is not as ancient as the spinning flower one.

However more recent it might be in comparison to it, the Tekke engsi it comes from is still an archaic one and well within the period RK would deem historic, though at the tail-end of that period.

One last comment: we do not necessarily believe Turkmen designs progressed from simple to more complex, or its corollary that they went from complex to simple.

Rather, we recognize both of these processes were at work.

Only by making a complete analysis of all criteria, as we mentioned in the previous post, can one determine where on the continuum of similar examples a particular one fits.

This methodology, by the way, is not only applicable to Turkmen weavings, it works when examining Persian, Turkish, Caucasian or Chinese ones as well. But, it is particularly useful with those made by the Turkmen because of the isolated and proscribed nature of both their lifestyle and weaving heritage/tradition.

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