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Mon, Mar 19th, 2007 12:12:16 PM
Topic: Spinning Flower Icon or Amulet

The most common type of ensi is what is called now Tekke and most have a brown lower elem with a design RK calls the spinning flower. We made mention of this icon/amulet today in another thread and decided to post here to answer a reader's email asking us to show an historic version.

Need we say more?

Author: jc
Mon, Mar 19th, 2007 12:12:16 PM

Maybe we should say a bit more in reply to the doubting thomas's query.

Identifying examples of historic Turkmen weaving is not easy -- in fact it is quite difficult and our assessments are surely not 100%.

That said, RK must state we feel 99.9% sure when we make such a designation.

We do not know of any magic bullet indication(s), nor do we ever expect to find them.

Assigning the term historic to any Turkmen weaving can only be done after a careful analysis of all its components are studied structure, dyes, materials, design, proportions, etc.

Doing this requires much experience and analytic skill.

Therefore, it surely is possible for a Tekke engsi, which is not historic, to have a potent spinning flower amulet elem. However, the corollary, one without a potent rendition of that amulet, is impossible.

By the way, not all historic Tekke engsi have this type of elem.

Author: doubting thomas
Sun, Mar 18th, 2007 05:44:20 PM

RK Replies:

No, that would be a rather incorrect interpretation.

The converse of your statement would be much better. That is no ensi without proper articulation of this amulet could be considered to be historic.


So are you saying that the "spinning flower amulet" or its related iteration is the defining design characteristic of an historic tekke ensi?

Author: jc
Sun, Mar 18th, 2007 10:57:41 AM

Here is another early, archetypal, version of this amulet. It comes from a different type of Tekke engsi than the detail above.


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