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Thu, Mar 8th, 2007 09:54:42 PM
Topic: Ebay's Turkmen Konig

We realize the fact a good, or even a great, rug might turn up on Ebay is surely a possibility. However, in reality the chances of that happening are rather small, if not incredibly small.

And, on top of that longshot, the problem of not being able to handle the piece before purchase is another reason why RK does not participate in Ebay auctions or even bother to look at what is on offer.

We do, at times, get alerted to Ebay sales by friends and agents but almost always what we see there is not the caliber that makes us put down bids or reach for our wallet.

Plus there is substantial competition for Ebay merch from a large group of rug buyers(knowledgeable and not), who seem to spend a majority of their day scrolling thru page after page of 20th century hamadans, fakes and the like. These are goods we wouldnt pick up if we saw them in the street for free, let alone having to pay for them!

Regardless of our views, there are many others who, as we just mentioned, are more than willing to do the Ebay shuffle.

Recently, we learned one of Europes highest profile collectors spends his time trolling Ebay for bargains.

We also learned this collector has purchased a number of pieces on Ebay and, from what we have seen and heard about those purchases, we really wonder what is really going on here?

The collector is none other than hans sienknecht from Hamburg, Germany. His Ebay name is sienoturk.

Over the years we have had various run-ins with sienknecht and, while we would readily say he has some great pieces in his collection, we do not believe he is the expert many people think he is. Nor do we agree with the glowing press and accolades he has received from rugdom, or do we believe he is the teppich konig he thinks he is.

Apropos to once again publicizing our rather low opinion of sienknecht, both as a collector and a person, we thought highlighting his latest purchase on Ebay might demonstrate why we hold our opinion.

On Feb. 10, 2007 sienknecht bought this late, ugly and garish Salor torba:

Granted it is not as disgustingly commercial as others from this period but wed have to say not by much.

Heres the Ebay sellers description:Salor torba, 45 x 19.
Very depressed warps and asym. knotting, open to the right.
Good pile but with damages at the borders. Two sewn slits.
Slight red color run detectable, but only at the backside.
No reserve. Good luck

The seller lives in the Netherlands, or so his Ebay profile says.

Why a collector of sienknechts supposed stature would bother to bid on, let alone buy, a beginning rug collectors piece like this Salor torba is beyond us.

We do know we have heard sienknecht has, of late, become a bedroom dealer selling rugs out of his Hamburg apartment but we really question if he is greedy and stupid enough to try a pass of a commercial piece of airport-art, which is after all the only way a torba like that could be truthfully described, as anything other than that?

We could easily imagine several other scenarios for sienknechts involvement but none of them are any more flattering.

That said there is one that might allow him to bask in a more flattering light -- he bought the piece for his collection with no other ulterior motives.

However, should that really be the case, sienknecht will really need the good luck with which the Ebay seller ended his offer.

By the way, there were six other bidder for the torba and the item number was 130076177041.

PS: Lets not forget, even at $103.50 what knowledgeable collector or dealer would really want to buy a piece of garbage like that? No one that RK knows and thats a fact.

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