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Wed, Feb 7th, 2007 02:36:31 PM
Topic: Turkey of a Turkish Rug

Recently we received an email from a reader who asked us about this (western) Turkish rug fragment:

We learned from the email it is illustrated online on a website we had never heard of.

Here is the owner's description:
"The closest parallel found to this rare design is a rug illustrated in Hali, Vol. I, Issue 1, fig. 6, p. 87 which has similar multiple layered niches to each corner of the field and a shaped border, 're-entrant' on one side and projecting on the other. In this rug, the 're-entrant' shape is mirrored on both sides. This example may also be related to the Red Double-Niche Rug, dated to the late 15th century, illustrated in Kirchheim, E. Heinrich, Orient Stars, Stuttgart and London, 1993, pl. 200, p. 317.
Circa: 17th century or earlier. Dimensions: 5 ft. 3 in. X 4 ft. 5 in. (160 x 135 cm.)Price: $39,900"

This description, which is surely as fanciful as the absurdly high price, waxes a bit gloriously while the rug, itself, lays there like a dead duck that is beginning to mold.

Yesshhh, 17th century or earlier? Come on now, man, have you no sense of propriety?

This "piece" is nothing that RK would even bother to stop the car for if we saw it laying there in the street, let alone open our wallet up wide to acquire.

And relating it to those other pieces to make it important strikes us as nothing more than more of the same malarkey.

We don't intend to waste our time proving what a dud this rug is. Nor are we interested in helping the owner to realize how far off the mark his description really is.

However, that said, we will be glad to put this rug's iconography into the proper perspective. It is, in our estimation, nothing more than a Turkmen kejebe knock-off and a not very good one at that.

We have seen a number of similar Turkish bastardizations of the kejebe design over the years and, frankly, this one is surely not a very good one.

In fact, it's pretty lousy and, as there is nothing we like about the piece, we find it hard to believe anyone would even consider buying it at a fraction of the asking price, let alone paying full retail.

Beauty is surely in the eye of the beholder and RK would never argue with anyone, the owner of this fluffy mess included, who stated they thought it was beautiful. Though we might suggest a visit to the closest optometrist, that is unless the viewer was holding on to a seeing-eye dog.

But we will be glad to argue the point this rug is, at best circa 1800 and not anywhere near "17th century or earlier".

More significantly, we will be glad to demonstrate why it is, as we see it, nothing more than a turkey of a Turkish rug and not something worth just shy of 40,000 dollars.

Author: Dock of the Bay
Wed, Feb 7th, 2007 02:36:31 PM

RK Replies: You,too, boo-boo.

And by the way, you are welcome to re-post what was accidently erased when our webmaster was unavailoable and your post was answered without using the correct protocols.

It was surely our fault but an honest accident. Hence our offer to have you repost what you wrote, should you desire.


Enough said and erased. Enjoy your time in San Francisco.

Author: Dock of the Bay
Tue, Feb 6th, 2007 02:34:22 AM

RK Replies:

Frankly "DoTB", we are curious as to why you have asked such questions?

Should you really want a reply then either spell it out here on RK's board or email us at [email protected]

And don't bother asking again until you respond to our request.

So enjoy Baghdad by the Bay, as San Francisco used to be called by its greatest quipster Herb Caen.


I have no use for a motel room but I am all about comfy. I can see how one might come to a conclusion about the former. Digital accuarcy, however, can never approach the precision of a classic watch such as a Bulova, or perhaps even an Omega for that matter. Just curious to know how or if a background in timepieces affected your rug interests. I've always liked old watches.

Author: Dock of the Bay
Mon, Feb 5th, 2007 03:52:46 AM

RK Replies: How's the bed in that motel room, is it comfy?

Additionally, why do you want to know what our association is?

Could it be because RK is always so right on time with our commentaries?


Author: Marcus
Wed, Jan 31st, 2007 10:08:31 AM

RK Replies:

Basically we did not because we didnt know who the seller is or bother, at the time, to find out. However, we did bother to after receiving your post.

The website is called:

Lenkoran Gallery and their url is: www. lenkoran.co.uk.

We also put in a call this morning to the gallery and spoke to the owner, Gary Bortz.

He told us this rug had been included in the sale of his collection done by sothebys London some years ago.

According to Bortz, the description of the rug was actually written by Ms Bing, the sotheby Londons former expert, for that catalog.

He also told us he purchased the rug from the former Kailash Gallery in Belgium.

Bortz was a bit disturbed by our calling the rug as we see it and said Well, everyone is entitled to an opinion BUT when three experts agree and one doesnt it probably means the lone opinion is incorrect."

Sorry, Gary, but we are willing to bet RKs opinion of this late, pastiche of a Turkish village rug is not incorrect and Ms. Bing, Kailash, et.al. are the incorrect ones. Plus we are willing to, and can, defend our position it is not 17th century or earlier or worth just shy of $40,000.

We also offered to bet Bortz no professional, knowledgeable buyer would pay even half his ridiculous askingprice.

Bortz responded Well, Ill just keep it then.

Needless to say, RK did not have to tell him that would undoubtedly be the caseand for a long time, too.


Why didn't you identify the seller?

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