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Wed, Mar 14th, 2007 01:14:44 PM
Topic: More on the Engsi

More than few tongues are still waging about the engsi sold at the ACOR grogan sale and each time we get wind of this, or are approached directly as we were a few weeks ago, we reiterate our position as it was expressed here on RugKazbah months ago.

We do not in any way believe it is extremely old, nor do we think it was worth even a righteous fraction of its selling price that evening.

Regardless, to all those who disagree with us -- and that includes, we are sure, the buyer ebberrhard herrmann please note our belief in this position is rock steady.

A propos, let us post these photos of another engsi -- granted this one is new according the seller who has it posted for sale on ebay.

Here is a detail

Look familiar?

Remember, we stated we have never seen a genuinely old engsi, i.e. pre-1840 with a knotted fringe and, we believe, neither has anyone else.

Nor has anyone produced the photos of one to counter our statement.

So here is just another little tidbit of support for that position and our larger one that the grogan engsi -- as it is now known in rugland -- is a visually interesting but later example that sold for an auction fever pitch to a buyer who is famous for buying pieces for clients on the proviso the client pay him a large commission.

We surely could not say this is what happened with this engsi but we do know for a fact it did happen in the past.

Author: jc
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Wed, Mar 14th, 2007 01:14:44 PM

RK hasnt forgotten about our doubts as to the importance and the age of the grogan ensi and wed like to add the following as further proof of the possibilities that ensi was, as we said, not historic or even very old. We will avoid, as we did in the past, discussing its beauty as we all know that quotient is regardless of what anyone might try to prove always in the eye of the beholder, while historic connection and an early dates of manufacture do have a far greater chance of being proven beyond such personal tastes or orientations.

We spied this Saryk ensi for sale on the internet and immediately recognized its braided warp finish, which was, lets remember, one of the major points leading us to our position vis--vis the grogan ensi.

By the way, and as we are sure many readers will remember, this feature was not the only feature that led us to our conclusions and continuing suspicions about the ensi.

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