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Mon, Apr 17th, 2006 11:10:28 AM
Topic: bozwell's May Sale Part I

Not to ever be left out of a crowd, rippon bozwell will hold a 200 plus catalogued rug sale on May 20th.

We have already seen the catalog and will, over the next while, picture and comment about some of the pieces on offer.

So far our one of our favorites is this kelim:

The field design reminds us of a big mushroom and, as such, is the first time we can remember seeing a slit-tapestry with this curious representation.

The next weeks will be full ones, with many pieces on offer at the two acor related auctions, this bozwell one and, of course, by all the hard working, far traveling, rug dealers who set-up shop at acor for the weekend.

We have heard the registration for the "conference" (Yesshhh, conferences these things surely ain't, why not call them as they are -- meetings?) is running slow but that doesn't seem to be an issue with the dealers who are coming -- they'll be out in force with their goods all washed and tidied-up for sale.

As the saying usually goes: Be there or Be Square but at acor being square doesnt only describe those who did not come as that geometry seems to be the preferred one for most who attend as well.

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